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Growing fresh, organic vegetables in your own home kitchen garden can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience, allowing you to connect in a new way with your own food and health choices. A kitchen garden can be large or small, and is designed to fit aesthetically within your yard’s landscape. They are a beautiful and joyful addition to any home. A kitchen garden is typically smaller than a traditional vegetable garden in that they are productive and meant for fresh eating rather than growing large amounts of food for canning and preserving. Imagine the pleasure of harvesting and cooking your own produce…a healthy and delicious choice for your family and loved ones.


Chef Gardens


A chef garden provides your restaurant with a fertile garden spot for fresh ingredients and seasonal dishes. Whether growing fresh herbs and spices on a rooftop in the city, or fruit trees and vegetables in a larger plot a chef’s garden can be an extension of the kitchen. Plan your favorite recipes, grow the ingredients, own the quality of your dishes. Farmer Jen provides guidance in garden planning and installation, growing methods, seasonality of plant growth. Embrace the garden plot to plate cooking revolution.


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