We're with you throughout your organic living journey. Farmer Jen Organics has aligned our service areas to achieve this, including Garden Consulting, Garden Planning & Design, Seasonal Planting, Garden Maintenance, and Organic Living products for whole household toxin free living and health


Our Services

Garden Consulting (Planning & Design)


Every journey begins with a first step. The first step in your garden journey is a Planning and Design Consultation. Your personal Consultation takes you through the process of selecting suitable garden bed space in your yard. We will discuss your dietary & menu needs & desires. With our expert guidance and supervision, we will create a plan and work with you until your garden is in place and planted with your favorite seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Consulting Methods


Whether In-Person at your home or Virtual via video conference, your Consultation is a personal planning session with Farmer Jen. We’ll survey your growing space and discuss how to make your garden dreams a reality. You will learn what can be grown seasonally and select a planting list for each season. In the end, you’ll have a year round, seasonal planting list catered toward your hardiness zone.

Together we’ll choose the size, style and location of your garden based on our expert advice. We’ll figure out how much of each crop must be planted to feed your household. We’ll make sure you understand soil and irrigation requirements to have a successful harvest.

Farmer Jen goes beyond planning and design. We’ll supervise the installation of your garden, answering any questions along the way to guarantee excellence in quality and function. We won’t be satisfied until your new garden is built with healthy organic soil and a self-watering system – full of plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Your garden dreams have become reality.


Seasonal Planting


We know your garden dreams aren’t temporary…they are year round. Our service includes your seasonal planting guide, including proper garden plant selection (with companion planting and edible flowers and herbs for natural pest control), coaching on seed spacing and planting depth, and square feet gardening to maximize your harvest every season. Remember, our Garden Planning & Design Consultations do not include the cost of seeds and plants. These are paid for by you, the garden owner. However, we do have access to affordable, high quality, organic seeds and plants…and are pleased to be your personal plant shoppers! This saves you time evaluating and shopping at nursery and seed companies. We guarantee the highest quality organic and non-genetically modified seeds. Organic transplants are used based on availability.

Garden Maintenance


Your garden dreams are taking shape in reality. Too busy to take care of your new kitchen garden? A successful harvest requires lots of time and good old fashioned TLC. You’re in luck…we offer garden maintenance and care! Our expert gardener will meet with you and teach you how to care for your garden. Pest control, irrigation adjustment, scheduling watering times, pruning for healthy plant and tree growth, fertilizing and soil amending…it all takes time and learning. Our goal is that you have a garden that is producing delicious and nutritious food for you and your loved ones!


Organic Living


Our mission goes beyond healthy, organic gardening. We believe in using healthy, organic products for a long and healthy life. We desire to educate our friends and customers about pure, safe, alternative personal care choices that enable people to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Please visit our store to find healthy choices for all members of your family, including your pets. You’ll find personal care products for the people and pets in your life, and products for your home and indoor and outdoor spaces.

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